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In 2018, 11% adults on average across EU countries had symptoms of mental health problems. Mobile Health (mHealth) improve mental health and contribute to the self-management of PMHC (Persons with Mental Health Conditions), as they could manage their health more actively, live more independently thanks to self-assessments or remote monitoring solutions and also receive support from families and mental health professionals (MHP) in a less invasive environment. 

MENTAL MOBILE HEALTH will develop digital skills and competences of PMHC in the field of the adoption of mobile health technologies involving the development of a specific Digital Training Tool to be exploited directly PMHC, this way, the acquisition of digital skills will be embedded within the training methodology itself.

Also, will support the social inclusion of PMHC through the increase of their self-management and the acquisition of digital skills, as well as the adoption of technologies which are being implemented at society level and which will, among others, enhance the communication between PMHC and their health professionals and other Supports. Furthermore, will create a flexible training methodology, adapted to the needs and learning processes of PHMC, based on experiential training and digital and blended learning opportunities.


MENTAL MOBILE HEALTH is launched with the aim of increasing the competences of persons with mental health conditions (PMHC) for improving their self-management through the adoption of mobile health (mHealth) solutions.

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